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Features & Interviews


Website: Living Blues Magazine
Feature by:  Peter M. Hurley
Title: “Chicago Blues Festival Makes a Vibrant Return”, Issue #280, Vol. 53, #5

Website: Blues Blast Magazine
Feature by:  Steven Ovadia
Title: “Donna Herula: Banging at the Door”, Issue 16-6 February 10, 2022

Website:  Radio Blues Flac
Feature by:  Richard William Slack
Title: “Donna Herula deserves a review now she is a Chart Topper”

Website: PolitiChicks
Feature by: Michael Ingmire, Musician, Writer, Commentator, & Author
Title: Michael Ingmire: Women In the Blues, Donna Herula & Larkin Poe

Website: Early Blues.org
Feature by: Peter Evans, UK Blues Member
Title: Female Blues Guitarists: Bonnie Raitt, Rory Block, Ruthie Foster, Rhiannon Giddens, Veronika Jackson, Donna Herula

Website: Bluesmatters.com
Feature by: Eric Scott, Blues Matters
Images by: Robert Erving Potter III
Title: Donna Herula, Blues Matters

Website: Rockin’s Robzervations
Interview by: Robin Zimmerman, “Rockin’ Robin”
Title: Doors of Opportunity are Opening for Donna Herula


Website: Chicago Blues Guide
Interview by: Linda Cain, Founder/Managing Editor of Chicago Blues Guide
Title: Donna Herula Interview

Website: Blues Gr
Interview by: Michael Limnios Blues Network
Title: Donna Herula, The Fresh Blues Blossom

Website: Makingascene.org
Interview:  Making a Scene Presents
Title: Donna Herula is Making a Scene

Website: BuzzSprount
Interview:  Erin Scott (Audio Chic) Podcast
Title:  Traveling Down the Delta Blues Highway – Donna Herula

Download Interview PDF: Blues in the South
Interview by: Ian McKenzie
Title: Interview with Donna Herula

Website: Notes from the Purple Ape Studio
Interview by:  Michael Bange
Title: Interview with Donna Herula

Website: Big City Rhythm & Blues
Interview by:  Julia Magness
Title: 26 Feature

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